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Leo T- Piedmont, CA

We were lucky to have found Jonathan! Jonathan is a seasoned real-estate pro, has great can-do attitude, and overall awesome person we got to know.

He helped us learn about the Oakland neighborhoods and figure out what we really wanted in our next home with the budget we had. He had great feedback about each home’s pros and cons regarding location, value, pricing, etc.

What we most appreciated was how proactive Jonathan was: he visited homes we were interested in (with us or by himself), reached out to other real estate agents, contractors, electricians, etc to help get our questions answered (including ones we forgot to ask), and was always quick to respond. He has great relationships with other real estate agents in the area, which was helpful in crafting our offer package. He highlighted the pressures of buying in the Bay Area without making us feel pressured to just close a deal.

We appreciated all of his advice and support through our multi-month home search, and would easily recommend our friends to talk to him for their next home search.

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